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Advanced WordPress concepts explained with real-world blah blah. Live streams, blog posts, e-books and more.


Bring your own project, we'll make sure you deliver the best possible results, while learning new things.


Performance, scaling, security, and things like that. We'll just make it all work, while you lay back.

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Decades of combined WordPress experience, hundreds of core patches and commits, dozens of WordCamp presentations. You're in good hands.


Gennady Kovshenin

WordPress Core Contributor, Speaker, 12 years of WordPress experience, Security Expert.

Konstantin Kovshenin

WordPress Core Committer, Speaker, 13 years of WordPress experience, 9 years at Automattic.

Dave Matthews

Project Manager, 6 years of WordPress experience. Hosting and security expert since 2012.


Don't take our word for it. These are real. Go ahead, call them up and ask.


Andrew Pisarevsky

WordPress Developer

Gennady helped us figure out where to go next in order to grow in the IT industry. He analyzed my interviews, and built a plan for where to grow and what skills to improve.

Mihail Vasilchenko

WordPress Developer, Blogger

One session with Gennady helped me solve things I've been struggling for years.

Maksym Denysenko

WordPress Developer, Author

Gennady helped me in my career, and in six months I improved my base salary by 25%.

Artur Orujaliev

Entrepreneur, Editor in Chief, Ain.ua

We stumbled across performance issues with our high-traffic news site, pages were slow to load, sometimes the site would go down completely. Konstantin helped us tremendeously, while educating us along the process.

Timothy Post

Entrepreneur, Investor Relations Officer

Konstantin may live in Moscow but his skills are as good as any of those developers who work in the Silicon Valley. In particular, Konstantin's work in developing WordPress plugins continues to surprise and impress me.

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